What’s the opposite of spring cleaning?

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Autumn is the time of year where leaves fall off the trees in glorious shades of yellow and orange. It’s the time where everyone has settled back into the daily routines after the chaos of summer holidays. We start eating comfort food and relish time indoors, and get confused as to what to wear with the ever changing weather.

It's also the time where these falling leaves fill your gutters and the daily grid can leave you on autopilot and maybe you forget to turn the stove off. This is why autumn is also a great time to review your insurance: so you can be sure that during winter, when most house fires occur, you are properly insured.

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Curb your complacency on cyber risk!

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Another week, another three major cyber attacks hit the news. You may have seen recent reports that Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne, Toyota Australia and the Australian government have all been targeted by sophisticated cyber attacks.  The government and Toyota have claimed that the attacks were unsuccessful and no data was obtained, but Australian security agencies are investigating the ransomware attack on the hospital.

There are so many cyber attacks (one every 39 seconds according to Security Magazine), that it can start to sound like white noise. But the figures below should convince you otherwise. You might think 'it won't happen to me, it only happens to big corporates' but it's also important to note that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses!

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Business Insurance Podcast Featuring Allsure Insurance

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Recently our director, Melissa Donaldson was invited into the studio by  well known podcaster Angela Henderson to record episode number 31 for her podcast on business and life conversations.

Melissa had a great time ‘geeking’ out with Angela and talk all things insurance 101 and educating the listeners about why it’s important to get insurance and what the pros and cons are.

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What are the #MeToo implications for insurance clients?

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Regardless of your individual opinion on the #MeToo movement, it continues to be headlining news and is causing policymakers and business leaders to change the way they view things like bullying, discrimination and harassment. All of these factors can result in an increase in employment and reputational risk, so we thought it was worth examining how these trends could impact our clients, their risk management practices and insurance solutions. 

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