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Mi casa es su casa, and our board room is your board room!

Need a free board room or event space in Geelong?

We’re lucky enough to have a great office space and facilities, and happy to share! We have a great board room space that we like to offer FREE use of for our clients. Whether you’re a bit bored with your desk or office, or have an important meeting, come and change your view on the world for a morning or an afternoon!

What if I’m not a client, you say?

If you’re not currently an Allsure Insurance client (yet, haha), then all we require is a small donation to the Tour de Cure foundation.

About the space

Our board room seats 16, and during the day we have an in house barista who makes delicious coffee on our funky coffee machine. Catering can be arranged if required, too.

Give us a call and book in today on (03) 5278 6808 or contact us here.