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6 Ways to Minimise Your Hospitality Risk

Allsure Insurance’s Melissa Donaldson will be featured in Insurance Adviser magazine next month for her expertise in hospitality insurance. In the meantime, here’s some tips on how to minimise your hospitality business risk.

There are plenty of measures you can take to help protect the future of their business – here’s 6 you can start with today!

  1. Having your canopies cleaned regularly is not only a great idea, in many cases it’s a condition on your insurance to have a maintenance program.
  2. Take steps to minimise fire risk, such as installing an automatic fire suppression system and portable fire extinguishers, and scheduling regular electrical equipment maintenance and exhaust system inspections for grease build up.
  3. Tea towels have also been known to spontaneously combust, so keep them where no damage will be done.
  4. You also can reduce your risk with good policies and procedures. Keep good documents on cleaning, food supplied and staff training.
  5. Take temperature on new food stock into the business, record it. If you keep food warm, you should keep regular checks on temperature. Know when food went in, and when it should be thrown out.
  6. Make sure all your staff have food handling training. Have regular meetings with your staff about potential areas of risk, and record the date and topic of those meetings.

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