Take care of your most important asset with workers’ compensation insurance

Workers compensation insurance

From slips and trips to stress and illness, workers’ compensation insurance can help you care for your employees when times get tough. As your most important asset, it can put a spanner in the works when a member of your team suffers injury or sickness. In every state across Australia, employers are required by law to provide protection to workers if they suffer a work-related injury or disease with workers’ comp.

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Expanding your hospitality business with outdoor dining? Here’s some food for thought

New York outdoor dining street scape

From pop-up bars to carpark dining, Australia’s hospitality industry is turning lemons into lemonade and proving just how adaptable we are as a nation. In Melbourne, the outdoor dining experiment has been credited with helping 9,500 restaurants and cafes stay afloat amid COVID-19 restrictions. If you’re in the hospitality industry and hoping to get back into the swing of things, we encourage you to ensure that you’re well prepared for the future before joining the feeding frenzy.

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Tradies: don’t fall victim to the underinsurance trap

Tradie tools, tradie insurance

Setting up for a new year in business as a tradie can be a huge task, whether you’re an established business owner or new to the game. But with so much risk involved with being a tradesperson, whether you’re a brick layer, plumber, builder, electrician or mechanic, making sure that you have adequate cover in place can be crucial.

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