If insurance were a sandwich…

Insurance is like a sandwich, Allsure Insurance, Geelong, Victoria, Hobart, Tasmania

As I stood in line, reading from the available selections on the menu board, I read ‘Freshly made Ham and Cheese toasted sandwich’. Mmmmmm just what I felt like. My expectations of a delicious lunch, were about to be fulfilled. You’ve probably had a similar kind of experience?

I’d imagined thick slices of hand cut La Madre sourdough.
Local Geelong made ham, sliced thinly off the bone, piled up in little layers of goodness
Add a Meredith feta, velvety smooth and tasty, with little peppers dotted around.

The price suggested it should be delicious; it wasn’t the cheapest ham and cheese toasty I had seen.

They wrap it up in some white paper, then a little brown paper bag, it smells good.

Taking my lunch, I eagerly open it to discover it is the sandwich sliced bread, maybe No Frills variety, the ham is just the packet ham and the cheese is what my kids term ‘plastic cheese’, the single wrap assortment. Not smothered and cooked golden in butter, but a few thin scrapings of margarine, burnt around the edges and to top it off, it was stuck to the paper! I didn’t get anything like I was expecting.

You may wonder why such an analogy. As with insurance be sure you know what you are buying, as you don’t always get what you are expecting.

If I had a dollar for the times I have heard, from people comparing their insurance, ‘it’s exactly the same, but cheaper’ …I’d be very rich.

Insurance isn’t all the same, and the price is not even an indication of quality, you must read the policy wordings to fully know what it covers, study the menu carefully. If only I’d asked what ingredients they use in their toasted sandwiches, I could have made a different choice.

What are the limits for jewellery, does it include rebuild costs, and does it cover items away from home? Does it have delicious La Madre sourdough or thin sliced No Frills bread?

This article was written by Melissa and appeared in the Summer edition of Ruby Magazine.