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No insurance? No peace of mind.

Allsure Insurance Director Melissa Donaldson talks about the biggest insurance issue that keeps her up at night. “It honestly terrifies me how many people have no insurance. Its one thing not to have adequate cover, it’s another to have NO insurance.

I believe it’s your social responsibility to have insurance, just the same as it’s your responsibility to stop at a red light.”

Why is insurance important? What are the risks of having no insurance?

If you have insurance, you are taking responsibility for protecting yourself (and sometimes others). It takes your risks and helps to spread them out so that you and your business are positioned to financially survive any insurable event.

It also lets you get on with your life and business. You are protecting  your assets, your livelihood and your sanity. Sometimes it is there to help protect your family, the future of your business and therefore your employees and THEIR families, too.

Insurance shouldn’t take up all your brain space

I’m sure it must sit in the back of your mind… I don’t have insurance for the business I am running. What if my product hurts someone? What if someone sues me? What if there is a fire and I lose everything? What if I have to close my doors for a few months due to things that are out of my control, like bushfires or floods?

Imagine if you could clear up that head space for productive things like, how can I grow my business more? What is the next product I can develop? Who could I work with on my next project?

Free yourself from some of your worries about the business so you can work in and on the business instead.

Insurance gives you peace of mind.

It protects, replaces and encourages business growth.

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