If I had a dollar for every time I heard, ‘that won’t happen to me’, I’d be rich!

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Sometimes s&!# happens.

A hopeful fisherman went out on the bay, only to succumb to the rolling, wavy action of the sea and deposited his lunch, along with his false teeth overboard. He was able to claim replacing his false teeth.*

How about having brand new, very expensive superhuman hearing aids and taking a shower?  The right cover guarantees these would be replaced.*

I know of one individual that drove his car into the carport whilst his push bike was secured to the roof rack, only to panic as it fell off and reverse over it. He is especially glad his insurance covered him.*

A classic scenario; picture this, a lovely little dog sitting on his owner a lap as he reverses out of the garage. The cute pooch accidentally stepped on the roll-a-door remote; you can fill the rest in… I must admit it was incredibly hard to keep a straight face as he told me!

When clients convey that their mobile phone is water damaged, there is a myriad of ways it has occurred: It fell into the toilet bowl, was left in the pocket and washed, it went out surfing and even fell into the fish pond.* Would your insurance cover this?

Imagine walking back to the car park, to find your cars wheels stolen or de-icing a frozen windscreen with hot water only to break it.

You would not expect a storm flurry to pick up your trampoline, and strike it down in regular intervals on the iron roof of your new home, and finishing up on your neighbour’s car!

Visualise your delightful 2 year old daughter, stuffing bread into the VCR in the hopes of creating toast. Insurance could cover her curiosity.*

Considering redecorating? Agonising over the right colour? Climbing the ladder to commence painting, this particular gentleman never imagined the whole room makeover that was about to take place as he fell, painting walls, couches, carpets and windows, for the most part, an exquisite shade of Cornflower Blue.*

Taps can be left running ,washing machines do over flow, brick houses do burn, kangaroos, cows and dogs do jump into your path, yes you can reverse your car into your second vehicle, windows break, frozen chips do catch fire, people do slip over, pipes burst, laptops don’t like coffee, Wii remotes have a cord for good reason, stuff happens!

These are all situations I personally know, so I left out the names to protect ‘The Innocent’ (except the toast in the VCR that was my ‘delightful’ daughter). I thank our clients for making my day a little more interesting and highlighting why you need a good insurance policy.

Perhaps my millions won’t be made from running our insurance business, but writing a best seller on insurance tales, may just get me there!

Please reflect on…

Would your insurance policy cover you in these scenarios?

Do you know what it does cover? If not, ask BEFORE something happens.

Do you have the best cover you can afford?

How long was it since you reviewed your insurance?

Accidental damage cover*