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One size does not fit all – why expert insurance advice when buying insurance matters.

Director Melissa Donaldson talks about why expertise and tailoring matters when it comes to buying insurance, comparing it to something at least 50% of the population can identify with: bra shopping. 

“I hated looking for clothes, and found one labeled one-size-fits-all,” recalls Donaldson. “Trust me, it doesn’t! Ever bought a bra that pinches, bites or rides up? Wished you had gone and had one correctly fitted?? I have.”

Having the right insurance is no accident

“Much like finding clothes or a bra that fits correctly, you can tailor your insurance covers. Don’t be fooled by clever marketing that all insurances are the same – there’s a reason insurance brokers have to continuously maintain and grow their professional development and expertise – insurance can be complicated and the environment changes constantly (think about emerging risks like cyber and terrorist attacks).”

Buying insurance should be the same approach as other professional services

“Insurance policies are complex legal contracts. Think of an important document you’ve done, such as a will… Did you Google legal advice and complete your will online? Or did you speak to a lawyer for confirmation that everything is in order? (Gosh, I hope you did, even for my own peace of mind!) Insurance may be considered a ‘grudge purchase’ but give yourself the satisfaction of knowing you’ve not left it to chance. And should something happen and you need to make a claim, you’re not alone – you’ll be in good hands with your insurance broker by your side.”