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Helping clients with ‘tricky risk’ | Allsure Insurance

Allsure Insurance’s Melissa Donaldson was pleased to be able to help a new client with insurance for her ‘tricky risk’.

Donaldson says: “The gorgeous Narelle found me in a women in business group that we’re both active in. Narelle’s business is Country Heart, which is actually a caravan, cafe and farm venue! She is super lovely and a joy to work with.”

The difficulty with difficult to place insurance risk

Narelle was having trouble with a reception venue that was being partially pedantic on their insurance cover for her coffee caravan, Frankie, that was to be in use for a wedding at the reception venue. Some businesses like food trucks and coffee caravans can pose a unique risk compared to the traditional bricks and mortar restaurants and cafes, due to their mobility and the risks that each changing location could serve up.

We looked after her cafe insurance and luckily, due to our network and our insurer partner relationships, we were able to offer an insurance solution for her caravan.

About Country Heart

Narelle’s parents own the biggest Brussels sprout farm in Victoria, which also has a huge spare hanger that Narelle set up as a wedding venue (here is a beautiful real life wedding that was held at the venue). She runs approximately 10 weddings a year, and is fully booked for the next wedding season. We’ve sorted her insurance for this venture too!

With our advice, support and insurance solutions, Narelle now has the peace of mind and ability to grow her business. Which she’s done! From one cafe, to the caravan, and now a wedding venue.

You can find out more about Narelle’s story here.

Do you have a unique ‘tricky risk’?

Are you having trouble getting insurance for your business or personal asset? Or perhaps you have insurance but it seems too expensive or doesn’t cover all your needs and leaves you exposed… Either way, why not get a free, no obligation quotation from Allsure Insurance? You’ve got nothing to lose but some risk, and you can gain cover and maybe even some $ savings!