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*NEW* Innovation in Personal and Corporate Travel Insurance!

Do you find travel insurance confusing and a bit of a hassle? Good news, there’s a new option on the market, PassportCard which is a real-time travel insurance just launched in Australia. AND, Allsure can help provide you with a PassportCard insurance solution – just ask!

About PassportCard Travel Insurance

How it works: you can purchase a PassportCard insurance solution, then you receive a card in the mail. Then, if anything goes wrong while you’re away, funds can be instantly transferred to your card. This means there’s no out-of-pocket expenses, no mountain of paperwork, and no waiting period.

To better understand how it works, here’s a story about the recent Lombok earthquakes and PassportCard’s response.

Corporate Travel Insurance & Personal/Leisure Cover

There are three types of PassportCard cover: Corporate travel insurance for business, leisure cover for individuals and ‘business class’ for employees which is new and unique.

Get PassportCard Travel Insurance

Talk to us to find out more and see if it could be a good solution for you or your business!

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Note: you do not need to enter a broker code (that’s for a different type of policy). Any dramas, just contact us and we can assist.